Haydeé Jiménez MacFarland

(San Diego / Tijuana 1981)

Transdisciplinary artist and curator 
based in the Southern California - Northern Baja California region.

Co-founder of nettnett space in Tijuana.

Explorer in the realms of artistic and holistic approaches to being and healing through sound frequencies, vibrations and music.

Composer / producer / performer of electronic music aka AyDD / Hidhawk and drummer with Traviesas y Milagros

Promoter of experimental / electronic musicians and artists of the region - Borderlandnoise.  @borderlandnoisefest @borderlandnoise

Haydeé is a faculty member of the Art Departmenr at California State University Los Angeles teaching Art & Design in the Community and Social Engagement Through Fashion, Fiber & Materials.

sound art / music / field recordings / vibroacoustic / deep listening

Hi-fi/lo-fi field recordings and sample-based intuitive improvisation, textured commentaries, deep vibrations and perceptual remixes.



La Tejeé / 2021

By Haydeé Jiménez in collaboration with Ejival / Static Discos & Angel Estrada / Tesoro Audiovisual.
Commisioned by Casa Del Lago, UNAM

La TEJEÉ teje una narrativa visual en presente, pasado y futuro, en la ciudad de Tijuana, que abraza a personas, migrantes y amigos, mediante imágenes, espacios y sonidos. Una exploración de la práctica artística y sonora de Haydeé Jiménez, que mediante sus sesiones de vibroacústica calibra la máquina del tiempo de diversos personajes que se cruzan en su camino, en su estudio nettnett, localizado en esa ciudad. Sonidos experimentales, espacio, ciudad, conocimientos ancestrales medicinales y activismo urbano confluyen para sanar la frontera en este cortometraje que es más ciencia comunitaria que ficción. Una producción de Static Discos, nettnett y Tesoro Audiovisual.


TEJEÉ weaves a visual narrative in the present, past and future, in the city of Tijuana, that embraces people, migrants and friends, through images, spaces and sounds. An exploration of the artistic and sound practice of Haydeé Jiménez, who through her vibroacoustic sessions calibrates the time machine of various characters who cross her path, in her nettnett studio, located in that city. Experimental sounds, space, the city, ancestral medicinal knowledge and urban activism come together to heal the border in this short film that is more community science than fiction. A Static Discos, nettnett and Tesoro Audiovisual production.




nettnettradio is an expansive network of guerrilla radio makers working to cultivate an art and information channel that aggregates stories from citizens around the world. As a freethinking radio community, we advocate for accessibility, the exchange of knowledge and the development of safe spaces for the production and broadcasting of diverse cultural and artistic practices - essential processes for social, physical and mental well-being. We operate as a self-organized, non-profit, non-corporatized group of artists, activists and innovators that believe in revolution through radio. Now, more than ever, we must work together to develop solidarity among a diverse and impactful web of trans-continental voices.